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Building upon a century of industry excellence, aerospace expertise, and unique geographic assets, and top-tier expertise, Tulsa is creating the nation’s ideal place to design, test, build, and innovate the next generation of advanced mobility technologies.

Find top tier talent

Industry-Responsive Talent

Industry-Responsive Talent

Companies hiring in the Tulsa region can access the skilled talent needed to thrive, from engineers and designers to assemblers and MRO technicians.
A Robust Aerospace Workforce

A Robust Aerospace Workforce

Our state has over 120,000 Oklahomans currently employed in aerospace, and dozens of industry-responsive training programs.
Fueling Business Growth

Fueling Business Growth

With organizations dedicated to finding companies the workers they need, Tulsa has the quality talent at scale to help your business thrive

A century of manufacturing excellence

Find out why hundreds of aerospace and mobility manufacturers choose Tulsa.
Thousands of acres of developable land
Strategic locations near suppliers and intermodal
transport assets
Low cost of doing business
A century of manufacturing excellence

A Collaborative Coalition

The TRAM Cluster is a collaboration between public, private, non-profit, tribal, and academic institutions committed to creating a thriving and inclusive advanced mobility ecosystem in Tulsa. This vision is made possible through a Build Back Better Regional Challenge Award from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the generous support of our coalition and community partners.
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