Tulsa is building advanced mobility at scale.

Tulsa is building advanced mobility at scale.

Tulsa has the manufacturing assets and workforce to build the next innovations in the advanced mobility sector.

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Build your advanced mobility products in Tulsa
Tulsa is leading the way in advanced mobility manufacturing
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard
Tulsa is a recognized location to scale your advanced mobility production

The TRAM Cluster creates a holistic approach to manufacturing.

We supply a well-trained workforce, unmatched utility rates, and shovel-ready sites to build advanced mobility products. To catalyze advanced manufacturing in Oklahoma, TRAM created strategic workforce programming and facilities to promote support production.

Port of Inola

Pad-ready development sites
Access to a variety of transport options
Strategically located near component suppliers

Having the facilities that support advanced mobility manufacturing.

The Port of Inola provides barge slip access via the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System with 1,108 acres of the site certified for large-scale development. This port greatly impacts the ability to receive and transport raw materials, strengthening the region’s supply chain and enhance the overall output for manufacturing companies. The TRAM Cluster spurred critical infrastructure developments, creating 1,000+ acres of site-ready plots for advanced mobility manufacturing.


75-acre tract with available subdivisions
site-ready tracts adjacent to airspace
perfect for a variety of unmanned missions

Skyway36, the Osage Nation’s aerospace technology innovation zone and drone-port.

Located at the intersection of Tulsa's urban cityscape and rural environments, Skyway36 is an ideal location for UAS and AAM activities. Skyway36 is a 75-acre tract in Class G airspace with a 3,000-foot runway, the area is an ideal location for manufacturing, logistics, and testing - ready for a variety of unmanned missions.

The TRAM Cluster is bringing together real estate, workforce and economic development organizations to build the site-ready manufacturing assets needed to grow the advanced mobility sector.

Need to scale your advanced mobility production?

The TRAM Cluster has the resources you need to grow, contact us to find out.