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Tulsa is paving the way in advanced mobility innovations.

From OSU's industry-leading expertise in autonomous systems research to the testing capabilities of Skyway Range, Tulsa is developing and testing tomorrow's industry solutions, today.

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Solve your toughest challenges in Tulsa
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Test new technologies in Tulsa
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Develop new unmanned systems innovations in Tulsa

R&D is the backbone of Tulsa's advanced mobility economy.

Leveraging the in-state excellence of Oklahoma State University, an advantageous testing environment, effective intergovernmental partnerships, and flexible airspace, Tulsa has the ingredients to spur innovation in unmanned aerial systems.

Skyway Range

114 Nautical miles of urban/rural testing conditions
Less than 5 miles away from the heart of downtown
Located in Class G airspace with a 3,000-foot runway

The focal point of Tulsa's unmanned innovations is at the Skyway Range, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Oklahoma State University, Osage LLC, and Tulsa Innovation Labs.

At Skyway Range companies can iterate and test unmanned aerial vehicles with this nationally-unique flight test corridor providing an expected 114 nautical miles of urban/rural testing conditions and unmatched proximity to Tulsa's city center. This unique flexibility gives companies the ability to demonstrate safety, security, and performance in a variety of conditions - enabling adaptation to  new regulations and use cases.

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A leading institution in unmanned research
designated Counter-UAS Center of Excellence
Experts in engineering and prototyping

Overseeing the operations and providing unmanned systems expertise is Oklahoma State University.

A leading institution in unmanned research, OSU’s Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research and Education (OAIRE) is at the center of Oklahoma’s aerospace mandate to answer industry and federal demand for innovation, excellence, and expertise in the unmanned aerial field. As a designated Counter-UAS Center of Excellence, OAIRE provides the subject matter expertise, engineering services and prototyping developments that are paving the way for UAS research throughout the country.

TRAM’s comprehensive R&D partnerships galvanize collaboration with academic innovators, independent nations, and regulatory bodies, creating an environment that ensures competitive funding and collaborative UAS testing.

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